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About Department

The Department of Applied Sciences aims to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences. Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge of the principles on which engineering is based. It encourages the students to understand and therefore apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study. The Department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Communication skills. The highlight of the department is Communication Skills Lab which is based on the Interactive Software Integrated Learning' system, with pin-point focus on the needs & requirements of specific language learning skill development. The students learn the correct pronunciation, accent, interpersonal communication skills, group discussion, interview, team development and team management skills. Our communication skills lab is designed for listening and spoken practice and is fully furnished with all the facilities such as microphones, speakers, projector, headphones and computers. The teacher can access the students either individually, selectively or collectively through the teacher's console. We aim at improving the student's oral abilities as well as impart interview and discussion skills.

Communication Skills Laboratory:

Communication is an integral part of a person's life. For students, effective communication plays a vital role in their way to successful career. At Global we know the need of the hour and have Communication Lab, which is well equipped with latest gadgets. The aim is to emphasize correct pronunciation of English as a foreign language and to prepare them for group discussions and other public speeches.

Engineering Chemistry Laboratory:

Chemistry lab is spacious and well-equipped. It contains many advanced facilities. The Laboratory is equipped with various instruments such as conductivity meter, PH meter, calorimeter, electronic digital balance, Digital photo calorimeter, hot air oven, thermostatic water bath, heating mantle, Redwood viscometer.

Engineering Physics Laboratory:

Physics lab is spacious and well-equipped. Lab has eight working tables for conducting experiments. The sitting capacity of lab is 30. It has ample number of instruments for each set of experiments. It encourages the students to understand and therefore apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study.

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